Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Leap Of Faith

“Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith.”
– Margaret Shepherd

Hi, I’m Lisa – artist, mom, small business entrepreneur, Etsian, avid beachcomber, hiker, nature and animal lover, cancer survivor, seeker of a simpler, more mindful life and traveler on a healing arts journey.  I’m in pursuit of many creative aspirations and learning to leap more often! 
As you read this post, I’m taking my latest leap of faith, launching this blog with fingers crossed that the ideas, insights and inspirations I share here will resonate with you and with others.  I’ve been evolving into more of a risk taker lately, albeit a cautious risk taker (is that too much of an oxymoron?!) who ponders and prepares before leaping.  I’ve had a tendency throughout life to avoid big leaps and have instead been inclined to choose “safer,” more predictable paths.  This approach shifted for me when life took some unexpected twists and turns in the past year and a half with my career and my health.  I’m now learning to navigate through unchartered territory with newfound courage and strength and taking more leaps in the process!  Perhaps launching a blog isn’t so risky, but what feels risky to me is being out here in the open, revealing my creative exploration and expression on a personal level and facing the uncertainty of whether or not you’ll connect with what I share.  I hope you will! 
What is my mission for Paper and Ponder?  It mirrors the mission for my creative small business, Plumeria Papercraft – “To inspire and uplift.  To motivate others to live mindfully and enjoy life’s simple blessings.  To spread creative energy and widen the circle of heartfelt connections.”  I’ll be sharing an assortment of topics and images I hope you’ll find interesting and inspiring, sometimes contemplative, other times lighthearted, but always within the creative realm. 
I’ll also be sharing a new journey on which I’ve embarked within the past year, exploring a different side of art and discovering its healing powers.  This experience has been tremendously helpful in soothing raw emotions, calming my soul and laying new groundwork for personal growth.  I’m admittedly feeling some trepidation about sharing my own healing arts journey, but my humble hope is that by doing so, I can help and encourage others who may benefit from this soulful, reflective, therapeutic approach to art. 
So, as I take this latest leap, I invite you to join me and hope you’ll find some inspiration here to generate and spread some creative energy of your own! 
In my next post, I’ll share a little bit more about myself, but in the meantime, I welcome you to say hello and tell me a little bit about yourself…