Friday, July 27, 2012

Gratitude In The Garden

A little garden in which to walk,

immensity in which to dream.

At one's feet that which can be cultivated and plucked;

over head that which one can study and meditate upon:

some flowers on earth,

and all the stars in the sky.

- Victor Hugo

This squash was harvested from our garden earlier this week & enjoyed as a fresh ingredient in our dinner minutes later.
As I've surveyed what's growing in our garden this week, I have felt much gratitude for the fresh herbs, vegetables and fruit we are starting to harvest and enjoy as well as gratitude for our garden guiding me to contemplate life lessons and inspiring me to capture photographs of its beautiful, appetizing bounty.  Now more than ever, I am grateful for moments of love, joy, peace, beauty, wonder, inspiration and connection...the simple abundance each day holds when we reach out and grasp it.  I must remind myself, however, to focus on this abundance during those times when stress, anxiety or fear creeps in, when my self-critic raises her voice too loudly, when life hands me a disappointment, when I've temporarily lost my positive mojo or I'm in a blue mood.  Reflecting on gratitude can turn our day, our week, our lives in a fulfilling direction.

Here's what comes to mind as I reflect on the past month and what I am grateful for...

* My husband tending to our garden as I've been busy tending to my creative aspirations.  We are starting to be rewarded by the fruits of his labor!  (I do need to spend more time getting my hands dirty, too!  By doing so, I'll surely be rewarded not only with flavorful, fresh edibles, but also with inspiration for new designs!)

* Last week's trip to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks (photos shared on my Plumeria Papercraft Facebook page) - spectacular views, magnificent trees, beautiful Sierra wildflowers, squirrels, mule deer and a black bear, scenic creeks, rivers and waterfalls, idyllic "fairyland" meadows, sculptural rock formations, Moro Rock, Crystal Cave, a glorious visit with nature!

* The encouragement and support I've received for this blog.  My heartfelt thanks!

* Every time I hear "Mama..." and instead of hearing our daughter ask for something (or whine about something!), there's a sweet pause, then "I love you!"  I love you, too, Melia! 

* Girlfriends, near and far, young and old, new and longtime.  I treasure each of you!  Celebrating my birthday earlier this month with dinner and a movie, a rare night out with two dear friends.  Enjoying lunch, coffee and conversation recently with another dear friend.  Meeting yet another dear, but long distance friend (we hadn't seen one another in four years or so) for a brief, but wonderful visit while soaking up the breathtaking view of Big Sur and spotting whale spouts.  

* Attending another healing arts retreat at our local hospital, monthly "therapy" for my soul.

* More steps taken on my Plumeria Papercraft journey.

* Our feathered friends (despite earning their nickname "Pigs with Feathers" as they devour full birdfeeders in less than 24 hours!) - sparrows, finches, chickadees, juncos, flycatchers, pine siskins, towhees, grosbeaks, mourning doves and more.

* Fresh eggs delivered by our neighbor last weekend and scrambled for a tasty breakfast.

* Watching all the incredible talent on "So You Think You Can Dance" (I watch only a little bit of television, but admittedly this is one of my "guilty pleasures!")

What's on your gratitude list right now?