Sunday, July 15, 2012

Inner Little Girl

You may have already noticed my “inner little girl” included in my very first blog post and another prior post.  She first surfaced in the thick of my illness after my local group of “coworkers” suggested creating angst art as an outlet for expressing some of my emotions at that time.  I struggled with representing only angst as I was trying to focus so intently on positive energy and the optimism of getting well, yet I realized I needed to start addressing some of the unavoidable discomfort and fear lurking in the shadowy corners of my thoughts.  My moment of everything coalescing was when the idea emerged to create angst art balanced by hope and whimsy!
In hindsight, these first appearances of my “inner little girl” were the true beginning of my healing arts journey before attending any classes.  I have always avoided referring to myself in third person, but by representing myself in the form of a little girl within the artwork, I was admittedly viewing myself in third person.  At first, I thought “yikes, I’m playing the third person game,” but in this case, viewing oneself from the outside looking in eased the expression of difficult thoughts and emotions.  I even found it hard to actually write down some of these thoughts in words, so I relied on collaged dictionary definitions (shared with this post) and rubber stamped words (will share in my next post) in order for the words to materialize.
As for the little girl herself, she embodies the part of us that feels like a young child again when faced with an overwhelming situation around which it is hard to wrap our understanding or when we’re traveling in unfamiliar territory.  I’ve come to the realization that in order to place some already trodden paths behind me and continue forward in this healing journey, my “inner little girl’s” story needs to continue, too.  My wish is for more hope and whimsy and less angst in her future appearances!  Here is the piece in which she made her very first appearance...
"Her Life Raft of Love (and Erythrocytes)"

"Her Life Raft of Love (and Erythrocytes)"

Have you ever tried expressing yourself as an image in your artwork?  If so, in what form, and how was it insightful and helpful for you?