Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My New "Coworkers"

“You can’t stay in your corner of the Forest

waiting for others to come to you. 

You have to go to them sometimes.”

-          A.A. Milne

As I’ve transitioned from working for a company to working on my own, I’ve come to realize that solo entrepreneurship can sometimes feel a bit isolating.  It’s not as though I’m unaccustomed to working alone.  I was based at home for 15 years while working for two of my former employers, but I was constantly communicating with management, coworkers and accounts online, via phone and in person during business trips.  Now my workdays are quieter.  Sometimes I welcome the quiet time to focus and create while other times I yearn for more interaction with others.  I'm deeply grateful for a wonderful circle of family and friends, but working as a company of one, I thought I no longer had opportunities to connect with coworkers until it dawned on me that this wasn't so, at least not in the usual sense!
Thankfully, I’ve been discovering that kindred spirits in the creative and entrepreneurial realm can become, in essence, a new sort of “coworker,” and by reaching out and connecting with like-minded people locally and online, a new circle of these “coworkers” can be formed.  I’ve been building my own circle by connecting with fellow Etsy sellers, creative bloggers, local artists, local and online “mompreneurs” and entrepreneurs, and I feel blessed to be meeting such extraordinary people.  Each time we reach out and make contact with a new acquaintance, we don’t know if we’ll truly connect with that person or not, but it’s worth the uncertainty.  Some of these connections may be fleeting, while others will be long lasting, and some may be more casual, while others will grow into close friendships, but every connection can be positively gratifying!
I am fortunate to have befriended three local entrepreneurs with whom I’ve been meeting monthly for over a year as a small business/social media group.  We gather at a local coffeehouse where we encourage and support one another, share information and ideas as we ride the waves of small business planning and learn how to navigate the vastness of social media marketing and brainstorm, laugh and cry together...we connect.  I express my heartfelt gratitude to these three exceptional “coworkers” with today's post!
Whether you’re working on your own like me, or you’re in a job where you're in the company of coworkers, we can all reap the positive energy and inspiring, motivating benefits of teaming up with kindred spirits and contributing to a greater sense of community.  Wishing you many incredible connections! 
Make a date to take a coffee break with a kindred spirit!