Monday, July 23, 2012

Reminder From A Radish

“Dreams are the seedlings of realities.”

- James Allen

Our vegetable garden is beginning to show signs of promise and has inspired this week's posts...

Before we departed on a mini vacation last week (to magnificent Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks), my husband and daughter planted radish seeds in our vegetable garden.  Thanks to a dear friend who watered our garden while we were away, we were delighted to see these little strong seedlings pushing themselves up out of the soil upon our return!

These radish seedlings reminded me that by planting our own dream “seeds,” tending to them and providing them with nourishment, our dreams can grow into new possibilities, opportunities and realities, enriching our lives!
I've planted a dream of earning an entrepreneurial, creative living and am now nurturing my “seedling” by seeking inspiration in nature and in simple moments within the flow of everyday life, practicing daily mindfulness, exploring art, learning, gaining courage and building confidence, designing and creating, connecting with others and cultivating feelings of hope and gratitude.     
What seeds have you planted, and how are you nurturing your dreams?