Monday, July 9, 2012

Sand In My Shoes

“for whatever we lose

(like a you or a me)

it’s always ourselves

we find in the sea.”

-          e.e. cummings

My screen saver (a favorite photo I took at Seaside Beach) reminds me to spend more time by the sea...

This morning when some of my own time opened up after I dropped off our daughter at a dance day camp, I enjoyed catching up with a dear friend while walking along foggy, yet still very lovely Carmel Beach.  After walking, talking and warming up with lattes, I shifted into a productive mode, purchasing some needed supplies for my papercrafting business, assembling a new batch of notecards, shipping an Etsy order and tackling a couple household errands and chores.  I was reminded that it is indeed possible to balance responsibility and contentment as I was shaking out the sand in my shoes!    
While driving back to the dance studio to pick up our daughter this afternoon, I began to reflect on how refreshing and healing it has been to spend more time where my soul feels most content…by the sea.  Sadly, the “old” me would often go about my business for several weeks, even months, without stepping foot on the sand.  What a shame when the closest beach is only a five minute drive from home!  The perfectionist and workaholic part of me was shouting louder for attention than the contemplative and creative part of me, and this imbalance coupled with the unrelenting demands of my former job resulted in long hours of work, high levels of stress and exhaustion and a woefully low number of beach walks.  Happily, the “new” me is allowing contemplation and creativity to express themselves with a much louder voice these days, and they are shouting “let’s take a walk on the beach” much more often!
My hope is that you, too, are allowing time to soothe your soul daily with a minute here, an hour there, connecting with nature outdoors or creativity indoors, a cup of tea, a glass of wine, a good read, a deep breath, a yoga stretch, catching up with a friend……a beach walk.  What brings peace to your soul?  Remember, big or small, to include it in your day! 

Sandy soul soothing, Mother-Daughter style!

While enjoying a family walk at Ribera Beach last month... 

While celebrating my birthday at Garrapata Beach last week (our daughter was celebrating the sea, too!)