Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Teachings Of A Tomato

"Patient anticipation

Up till now I've been hurry up and waiting..."

- The Band Perry

Each summer our tomato crop (thanks to my dad's seedlings) teaches me about being patient and savoring the anticipation before reaping any rewards.  With our typically foggy summer days, the growing season for our tomatoes is usually a tedious one, and we aren't harvesting until late summer into early fall, sometimes well into October!

Patiently anticipating the transformation of this green tomato into ripe red!

I'm learning that similar to our experience with growing tomatoes here, building a small business into a meaningful career requires much patience alongside one's efforts.  Remembering to enjoy and appreciate the "growing season" and savoring the anticipation of successes ahead, both big and small, contributes to a more rewarding process as we work toward any of our life goals.

What are you patiently anticipating?