Friday, August 3, 2012

Finding Beauty In Individuality

My apology for a quiet week here on Paper and Ponder.  We squeezed in a quick family camping excursion to Big Sur earlier in the week, savoring the outdoors before I was stuck indoors for a midweek maintenance treatment

As I absorbed the blissful "magic" that always emanates from Big Sur (one of my favorite places!), I realized nature's garden was providing me with more insight this week, picking up where our backyard garden left off with its recent wisdom.

Our daughter collected these eucalyptus seeds from a grove near our campsite, and as we lined up these little treasures on the picnic table to admire them, we noticed how each one was unique in pattern, shape and color.  This observation prompted me to contemplate (and celebrate!) the beauty of individuality along with the simplicity of beauty we can always find in nature. 

We can tap into our unique qualities in so many different ways, through our personal style, artistic expression, our interests, our skills.  As we appreciate and respect each other's individuality, we are making connections in this process and building circles, communities and networks, creating opportunities to share our perspectives, ideas and talents with one another.  Individuals, yet kindred spirits at the same time!  Just like these eucalyptus seeds, each of us is unique, and our individuality is a beautiful gift to value, share and celebrate!