Monday, August 13, 2012

Outer Balms, Inner Healing

Sharing a soothing piece created during the second healing art retreat I attended at CHOMP.  After a visualization exercise, focusing on a real or fictitious place evoking peace and healing in our mind (mine was Kauai's Hanalei Bay), the directive that day was to create art based on our inner healer. 
Mine was, of course, a mixed media collage!

A core of love (and erythrocytes, those red blood cells so vital to my health!) surrounded by... 

The ocean 
Air, a reminder to myself to revitalize with deep breaths
More love (a "frame" of more hearts unseen in this photo)
This is “Outer Balms, Inner Healing”…

Outer Balms, Inner Healing   Spring 2012
Mixed media collage

What "outer balms" are soothing and healing to you?