Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Symbolism Of The Dragonfly

Until this year, another aspiration lingering in my “someday” file was to utilize art journaling as a springboard for inspiration, ideas and intentions.  Fortunately (and conveniently!), a dear friend, talented artist and life coach, Alana Puryear, has been leading a quarterly “Journal Journey” workshop at one of my favorite creative locales, Bella’s Studio in downtown Monterey.  This “Journal Journey” has been a valuable source of guidance and motivation not only for getting started with my art journal, but for remaining committed to working on it, referencing it and actually using it as a creative tool.  In this process, my art journal has become yet another helpful healing tool.
Pushing my self-critic aside after she told me this entry is too amateurish to share with others, I decided to go ahead and share anyway as it is more about the insights than the aesthetics.  I created these two pages based on Alana’s directive to layer multiple copies of a selected image over an orderly background of outlined and painted squares, then contemplate the serendipity and symbolism related to our pages.  My image was the dragonfly, my favorite insect, and as I researched its symbolism after the workshop, meaningful insights surfaced.  It seems timely to share this post after my last post prompted by the honeybees!

Dragonfly, I have long been drawn to your beauty,  your agility, your powerful grace. 
Dragonfly, now more than ever before, I deeply connect with all that you symbolize – change, self realization, regeneration, harmony, happiness.

Dragonfly, just as your magical iridescence displays its array of colors at different angles and in different light, I am rediscovering my true colors from different perspectives.
Dragonfly, may I learn from your uninhibited vision to see more clearly. 
Dragonfly, as your wings flit and hover, so do my spirit and soul as I seek insight, reflection, inner peace.

Are you an art journaler?  What do you enjoy most about art journaling?