Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Thank You, Mom And Dad

Today’s blog post is simply a big THANK YOU to my parents for their early influences and contributions to my creative potential and for their current support of my creative aspirations.
In hindsight, I was quite fortunate to grow up in a household where creative and DIY projects were always in the works, and I think I just grew up assuming everyone knew how to make things from scratch because that was my experience at home.  I'm very grateful my mom taught me how to sew, embroider, quilt and gift wrap at a young age (although I admittedly remain a fledgling seamstress years later!)  Meanwhile, although I cannot claim to have achieved my dad’s skill level with home improvement projects or his green thumb in the garden, at least a little bit of his “know how” rubbed off on me, enabling me to tackle modest projects at home and dabble in the garden.  I eventually found my own creative “voice” as a collagist and papercrafter, but my parents certainly helped pave those first steps of my creative journey.
Now that I realize how common it is for people to live with little creativity in their daily life, I am even more grateful than ever for the creative, resourceful skills I learned and inherited from my parents.  My hope is that I’m helping our daughter pave a similar pathway toward opportunities to discover, explore and enjoy many creative endeavors and rewards in her own life. 

Our daughter's mermaid Halloween costume a couple years ago
was a collaborative project with my mom
who designed & made the fish tail skirt, while I designed & made the bikini top.
Just last week, Melia was wearing this costume for dress-up at home!  

Our daughter's art caddy sits atop her desk, both made by my dad,
a spot for creative inspiration to unfold!

Posted with love and heartfelt thanks to my mom and dad!