Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Honeybees' Approach

One of last summer's hives

Our neighbor’s honeybees often gravitate to our trees, and they fascinate us with their hypnotic drone while swarming as they search for their queen and the sculptural quality of the hive they create once they find her.

A "souvenir" from our neighbor's honeybees' most recent visit

As I was considering content for this blog post, my original idea was to share this photo of the honeybees’ most recent “souvenir” and write about nature’s simple, yet splendid treasures, but then a thought surfaced about the honeybees’ behavior and actions – how, once they’ve located their queen, they zoom right in and begin their task without hesitation. I began to contemplate how we can translate the honeybee’s immediate and focused intention to our own approach toward achieving goals.

I tend to slow myself down within the initial phases of planning, researching and strategizing rather than quickly taking action toward a goal.  While it’s certainly important to plan, educate ourselves and strategize, I think there’s a lesson to be learned from the honeybees’ deft tactics of finding the queen and tackling their task with immediacy and focus.  Rather than overthinking and overanalyzing what I want to do, I just need to zoom in and start doing!
I recently practiced the honeybees' approach when I took faster action on a new goal of expanding my writing aspirations.  I promptly responded to a message I received with a potential opportunity to become a guest blogger on a favorite site and made a commitment to submit two articles for consideration this week.  Meanwhile, I also printed the submission requirements for blog post contributions on another favorite site. 
What current goals are you zooming in on this week?