Friday, September 28, 2012

Girls Weekend

I’ve been continuing to contemplate traditions with much fondness and gratitude this week. Another tradition I enjoyed earlier this month was our annual girls weekend in splendidly beautiful Big Sur.  What a wonderful pairing!  For several years, six to eight of us, a group of local girlfriends, have been gathering for a weekend retreat from our respective busy lives.  These weekends allow us to briefly shed our day to day responsibilities and just relax, reconnect, celebrate our circle of friendship and of course, have fun!
The idea of “sub-traditions” in an earlier post this week also applies to our girls weekend tradition.  Without divulging all of our secrets (ha ha!), here are some of the "sub-traditions" that we’ve maintained during our weekends over the years: 
Outdoor enjoyment (picnic to kick off the weekend, walk or hike, outside conversation and/or game)

Abundant and tasty food (we’ve learned to prep at home in advance to minimize kitchen duties at the cabin…less work, more play while we're enjoying our weekend together)
Plenty of beverages (including a group favorite that’s an “essential” part of every girls weekend...not telling, but you're welcome to take a guess!)   
Candid and lively conversation (infused with much laughter and sometimes a few tears)
Games and prizes (along with some spirited competition)
Bonding activity (three years ago, we sat around a large table with magazines, scissors, glue and paper, creating a vision board for ourselves plus posting positive words and images on additional boards for each person)

Browsing through some of Big Sur's gift shops and galleries before heading home


Here are a few glimpses of my vision board created that weekend...

...and three years later, I have escaped my rat race!

Just as traditions are centering, comforting, uplifting and energizing, so is time spent connecting with and appreciating the company of good friends.  Let’s all include more dates on our calendars to get together with friends!