Saturday, September 29, 2012

Refueled, But Not Up To Speed Yet

Refueled, but not up to speed yet.
Still on a slower path
Alongside the faster pace
Of daily life
In the real world.

This entry in my “inner little girl’s” story best described how I felt emotionally and physically as I was emerging from my illness.  I am grateful to be living life at a more typical pace most days, but am actually being cautious (or at least trying!) to avoid becoming too “speedy,” realizing that in the past, my overly hectic schedule certainly took its toll.  There is also the reality of temporarily finding myself slowed down again after each periodic maintenance treatment.  Journeying on the slower path has taught me to be more mindful of self-care, and I’m also learning how to be more patient with myself.  By striving to live life at a reasonable pace, we can aim for more energy and less exhaustion, to feel vibrant rather than drained.  Instead of worrying about keeping up with others in the fast lane, we can focus on taking the time we need to catch our breath and replenish ourselves.
Everyone slows down at one time or another, perhaps in response to stress, grief, fear, illness, depression or change.  May we feel patience and compassion for ourselves and for others who happen to be traveling on a slower path.