Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Strength In The Face Of Fragility

Evening sky over Monterey Bay, October 2011 

I’ve been thinking about strength in the face of fragility, and these thoughts seem appropriate to share today, on a day of remembrance.
I’ve never considered myself a notably strong or courageous person nor have I considered myself weak.  I suppose I’ve always placed myself somewhere in the middle.  A realization has been surfacing, however, that as I’ve encountered certain challenges in life, I’ve proven to be stronger than I give myself credit.  Many of us likely don’t give ourselves credit often enough for the inner strength that exists within us all.
Whenever friends helped us move from one home to another, they teased me because I would label almost every box “fragile!”  I am very protective of anything fragile - objects, people, animals, environments, emotions.  Life itself is so fragile and precious as recent events have reminded me…as today reminds all of us.
By summoning our inner strength, we can draw upon the power of positivity, persevere, support ourselves and others and lend strength to that which is fragile.