Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Meow Of My Inner Child

At times when thoughts and emotions feel so heavy, it can be refreshing and uplifting to approach an hour, a day, a weekend with a purposely lighter attitude.  My voiced intention at one of the healing art retreats I attended this summer was to shed some heaviness I was feeling at that time and experience a lighter day of creating art.  As luck would have it, the focus of the day’s class was to simply experience and enjoy the fun in art!  Serendipity!
One of the day’s directives was to quickly sketch a few different versions of cats with charcoal on paper.  We then incorporated some of our cats into our artwork.  Here are a couple playful pieces I created, admittedly childlike, but I succeeded in experiencing a sense of lightness by allowing my inner child to express herself.

"Delightful Dreams," charcoal, ink & feathers on paper, June 2012

"Whimsy, The Peeping Tomcat," watercolor & assemblage on mat board, June 2012

Wishing you moments of carefree, childlike lightness this weekend!