Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Wisdom Of The Penguins

“The Wisdom Of The Penguins," June 2012
liquid watercolor, glitter glue, pen & pink, solid & shimmer cardstock, glitter & printed paper, magazine images & words, charcoal drawing, cardboard number, key, charms, feathers

During the same healing art retreat this summer producing the two lighthearted cats I shared yesterday, the interesting prompt for another project was to incorporate two selected numbers (mine were 9 and 6), images assigned to those numbers (my assignments were “penguin” and “refrigerator”) and one of our cat drawings (from that morning's warm-up exercise) in a large scale piece on foam core board.  Initially, this assignment seemed incredibly challenging, but as the afternoon progressed, ideas and insights began to surface in my mind.  When I came home after the retreat, I researched the symbolism of the penguin which fueled further inspiration, and over the weekend that followed, this story unfolded as did another appearance by my "inner little girl."

Peace, hope, creativity, play, nature, love...

6 essentials for staying afloat in the current of life.

Love is the key,

opening the door to escape the cold

and embrace the warmth.

The French curve cut-out is an abstract penguin as well as an abstract number 9!

The door opened, she set sail,

and as she traveled along the currents,

she discovered the wisdom of the penguins...

nurturing, enduring, living life with purpose

and creating order amidst chaos.