Thursday, October 11, 2012

Just A Little Bit More Buttoned Up

Vintage buttons sorted and waiting to embellish notecards, gift tags, bookmarks and more...

As mentioned in last weekend’s post, I’m on a neverending mission to organize my arts and crafts supplies…well, actually, overall household organization!  In addition to untangling yarn, then winding it into tidy balls, I’ve been corralling my burgeoning paper scraps into bins, sorting my vintage button collection by color and so on.  When life becomes unruly and stressful, I regain some semblance of control and calm by decluttering and reorganizing closets, dressers, cupboards, files or as it so happens this time, my papercrafting and other art supplies.  This burst of unseasonable spring cleaning is helping me restore some order and feel just a little bit more “buttoned up” despite some current stress in our lives.  To find mindfulness and peace in the mundane!


  1. I always feel a bit less stressed after a good decluttering session! It's truly a meditative act, isn't it? Love the vintage button collection!

    1. Yes, I agree with you, Tina. It's meditative, and the result is rewarding, too...a messy shelf, drawer, cubbie, box or file becoming neat and tidy!


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