Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Looking Inward

(I removed the photo of my card originally included when I wrote this post.  Although the card is from my personal deck and isn't copied or for sale, I do not wish to infringe upon the copyrights of others' images which were respectfully collaged on my card.  My original writing remains as I believe the information and insight I've shared in this post may still be of interest to you.  I hope to share future cards created with my own photos soon.) 

"Looking Inward" is another one of my SoulCollage® cards from last month’s healing art retreat.
As I look inward, I’m…
Uncovering layers
Gaining new perspectives
Tending to what is helpful and trying to weed out what hinders 
Learning how to let go of what drains my spirit
Embracing what fuels my passion for life
Focusing on creative energy and positivity 
Reinventing parts of myself