Thursday, October 4, 2012

Soothed By S'mores

Sometimes one of the best remedies when weighted down by a troubling situation is to stop, relax and try a dose of lightheartedness, even if only for a brief moment.  Sunday evening after dinner, despite the impractical timing of gearing up for the school and work week, our family enjoyed an impromptu “campfire” in the chimenea on our back patio.  The evening was beautiful, moderately cool after a day of summer-like heat and brightly lit by the full moon.  We roasted marshmallows and assembled s’mores as a frivolous dessert.  The flickering flames of the fire were hypnotic and calming.  Our little respite was soothing, and our hearts were indeed lightened.

Soothing ingredients!
The next time your spirit feels heavy, perhaps try a little bit of lightheartedness...