Friday, October 12, 2012


Today I attended my favorite monthly retreat, the healing art retreat at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula.  Last month and again this month, we focused on creating SoulCollage® cards.  Although I’ve been an avid collagist for many years, these two recent sessions were my first experiences collaging within the guidelines of SoulCollage®, and I’m enjoying and benefitting from the mindful and insightful aspects of this particular collage process. 
As a warm up this morning, we selected two random words on slips of paper from a basket (I happened to choose “sparkle” and “habits”), then we shared what thoughts came to mind upon seeing our two words.  For “habits,” I immediately thought about those I am trying to change (my tendency toward perfectionism and my inclination toward self-criticism as two examples.)  For “sparkle,” I recalled a remark made by my husband earlier this week.  We enjoyed a brief respite from current stress by belatedly (but gratefully and happily!) celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary in San Francisco.  After indulging in an incredibly delectable dinner Sunday evening, my husband commented that I must be starting to relax because there was a sparkle in my eye.  I responded jokingly that my mouthwatering meal probably contributed to the sparkle!  Joking aside, I’ve been reflecting on his comment as this week has progressed.  I admire people who exude a certain sparkle in their personality, but believe I sometimes fall short on this characteristic myself and aspire to infuse more sparkle in my own spirit.  By allowing ourselves opportunities to sparkle, we can experience and express a wonderful sense of lightness and positive energy.  We can shine through any darkness or heaviness.    
With the interesting coincidence of this word coming up twice this week, I decided it would be fitting to create a “Sparkle” card today...

(I removed the photo of my card originally included when I wrote this post.  Although the card is from my personal deck and isn't copied or for sale, I do not wish to infringe upon the copyrights of others' images which were respectfully collaged on my card.  My original writing remains as I believe the information and insight I've shared in this post may still be of interest to you.  I hope to share future cards created with my own photos soon.)