Wednesday, October 17, 2012


(I removed the photo of my card originally included when I wrote this post.  Although the card is from my personal deck and isn't copied or for sale, I do not wish to infringe upon the copyrights of others' images which were respectfully collaged on my card.  My original writing remains as I believe the information and insight I've shared in this post may still be of interest to you.  I hope to share future cards created with my own photos soon.)

“Thrive” is the fourth and final SoulCollage® card I created at last week’s healing art retreat.  This collage reminds me that we are capable of thriving even in less than desirable conditions, that we can thrive by believing in ourselves, connecting with others, drawing strength from the loving support of family and friends, feeling gratitude, tapping into the energy of creativity, focusing on mindfulness and wellness, being open to learning, setting our sights on opportunities and possibilities, communing with nature and savoring playful and sweet moments.      
May you thrive (and sparkle!)