Saturday, October 6, 2012

Winding Down By Winding Yarn

My pseudo mini yarn bomb!

One evening this past summer, in a neverending attempt to organize my arts and crafts supplies, I was patiently wrapping a tangled mess of yarn into tidy balls.  Admittedly, this task was sometimes annoying, yet surprisingly, at other times, the repetitive action of winding the yarn was meditative and calming. 
Recently, I unwound one of those balls and rewound the yarn (a colorful favorite purchased at a street fair in New York City numerous years ago) around a long, swirly piece of driftwood, a summer treasure from one of our favorite Big Sur beaches, Garrapata.  Again, the winding action was meditative and calming, and the end result was rewarding, a funky “sculpture” now adding a pop of color, texture and shape to our mantel.  Although merely wrapped, not knitted or crocheted, this simple project was either my very small scale version of pseudo yarn bombing or just a humble attempt at a little fiber "art!" 
What simple task or project have you found to be calming and rewarding recently?