Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A More Colorful World

To pass the time during my (maintenance) chemo treatment last week, I brought along a batch of saved magazine images, so I could indulge in some quiet collaging.  As mentioned in a past post, I welcome the calming and comforting “safe haven” of creativity during treatments.  This time, despite the medications which bring on a woozy feeling, I managed to remain fairly adept (albeit a little slow!) with my scissors, creating this collage I’ve titled “Coloring My World.”
Across many years, my spirit often felt dull, muted by the constant barrage of demands, pressures and chronic stress.  Now I’m beginning to live the different life I couldn’t even imagine back then.  There’s still a long road ahead, but by listening to my heart and believing I can (and will!) reach some of my dreams, my spirit is lifting and brightening, and I am enjoying a more colorful world.
Wishing you much color, too!