Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Multitasking Tale

I’ll admit humor enters my blog only on occasion, but in the midst of a “filled to the brim and overflowing” schedule this week (I’m preparing to participate in a holiday open studio at Bella’s Studio Monterey), I must take deep breaths and accept the humor that inevitably pops up around here, yesterday evening being a perfect example.
Our daughter asked us if she could play one of her “mixes” (CD compilations of dance music she loves.)  Although I often enjoy the guilty pleasure of listening to these CD’s along with her, I wasn’t exactly in the mood at that moment to be serenaded by Katy Perry and her “Firework” while working on designing and assembling bookmarks for the open studio, but we acquiesced because we didn’t have the heart to stifle the imagination and enthusiasm of our young performer.
I had to chuckle later about how the evening turned into a quirky form of multitasking while trying to remain focused on my project at hand.  Yesterday’s scenario unfolded like this…
I’m cutting and tracing half butterflies for each side of the bookmarks when the music starts.  As I glue the butterflies to the bookmarks, I become fearful that Sugarland’s “Stuck Like Glue” will be stuck in my head on a continuous loop whenever I wield my glue stick!  Soon I find myself alternating between working on the bookmarks and pretending to be an audience member for our daughter’s performances.  I raise my head and watch intermittently as she performs her own original hybrid of ballet and hip hop choreography, complete with costume changes for each song.  As Lady Gaga sings about being on the “Edge of Glory,” I’m veering on the edge of madness with this creative and parental multitasking!  I’m then asked to play the role of a judge on “So You Think You Can Dance,” and I oblige with the agreement that some of the time she can just pretend like I’m watching and judging.  This agreement helps me maintain my sanity and finish the bookmarks, and by the time Bruno Mars and B.o.B are slowing down the pace with “Nothin’ On You,” I’m wrapping the bookmarks in their protective cello bags and clearing my work space (otherwise known as the dining room table.)
A sampling of said bookmarks

Although it would have been my preference to create under quieter, more peaceful conditions, yesterday evening reminded me that we can access the calm and centeredness within ourselves even when chaos surrounds us (or a spirited young dancer and her “mix,” in my case!)