Monday, November 19, 2012

Crab Season

My crab notecard designed this past summer

My family eagerly awaited the start of Dungeness crab season last week, and when my husband came home, successful in his quest for a couple of these locally caught tasty crustaceans, I felt giddy with delight!  Fresh cracked crab, steamed artichokes, small dipping bowls of mayo (I always regress to Best Foods) and crusty garlic bread = simple, seasonal bliss!  I happily bounced in my chair after the initial bites!
Similar to my experiences with the dragonfly and the penguin (and Yoda!), the crab is seemingly another symbol that has made me aware of its presence…or is it that perhaps I’m just latching on to these random subjects I happen to notice?  In either case, the crab has recently been not only food, but food for thought! 

Within the past couple months, I’ve also been intrigued by empty crab shells I’ve found along a couple local beaches I frequent, pale yellow with maroon markings in a symmetrical pattern,.  Over the many years I’ve beachcombed in these same locations, I’d not noticed these fascinating souvenirs until recently, so I’m wondering if they were there all along, but escaped notice?  Are these crab shells actually a tangible sign that I am getting better at immersing myself in the moment, being more present and observant? 
With these sea creatures on my mind, I started delving a bit deeper into the crab’s symbolism, similar to exploring the significance and meaning of other symbols that have been popping up and making themselves known.  My astrological sign is, in fact, Cancer, and although I’m not at all well versed in astrology, I’ve always believed that I embody many of the crab’s most well-known traits.  I’m definitely emotional, sensitive, intuitive and admittedly moody sometimes, and I think I am fairly tenacious.  Establishing roots and building a sense of home and place are very important to me.  I believe (hope!) I am nurturing, sympathetic and helpful to others. 
Beyond the crab’s significance in astrology, I found some other interesting associations with this creature like how it always scuttles sideways, opting for a lesser known path and reminding us that not all paths are direct.  The crab values the security of its shell, but will cast off an old shell for a new one, exemplifying rebirth, transformation and cycles.  I can identify closely with the concept of transformation as I continue to work on transforming how I live my life, more creatively, more mindfully and passionately.
What symbols and signs have recently captured your attention?  Have you had a chance to contemplate their significance in your life? 
(In the case of Dungeness crab, its significance in my life is that it may very well be my favorite food!)