Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Inspiration Abounds

Inspired by the poppies who volunteer to beautify our backyard each spring

Across the past five months since I launched Paper And Ponder, I’ve shared sources of inspiration for my personal creative projects and healing art exercises, but it dawned on me that I haven’t shared much, if anything, about how I’m inspired to create my Plumeria Papercraft designs. 

Kelp pods collected while beachcombing are unique fuel for inspiraton

Nature and my love of the sea are, of course, powerful influences, but I also draw a tremendous amount of inspiration from the simple moments and “still lifes” of everyday experiences.  Our young daughter inspires me with her wonderful, wonder filled imagination, and others in my life inspire me as well.  The paper itself often inspires me as I enjoy mixing and matching patterns and playing with color.  Sometimes I’m motivated to follow through on a new design in response to a request or suggestion.

As part of a custom gift order, I designed a red cardinal for my client's sister (her favorite bird)

There are short stories behind many of my designs, and they tell of being inspired while on vacation, walking on the beach or hiking, visiting an attraction, engaging in daily activities, gardening, cooking or dining and observing nature or our backyard visitors (otherwise known in our household as “pigs with feathers” because of their voracious appetites at our feeders!)

"Finch On Branch" inspired by our backyard visitors

Inspiration abounds everywhere!  We just have to be present in the moment, mindful, observant and receptive to being inspired.  What are your favorite sources of inspiration?

One of my most popular designs was inspired by scampering squirrels in Yosemite

Our daughter considers the red bud tree outside our front window her very own

My mother-in-law raises and shows pygmy goats

Even our neighbor's playful "peeping tomcat," Hot Shot, got in on some inspirational action

My model, the real "peeping tomcat," Hot Shot!