Thursday, November 1, 2012

Not All Monsters Are Scary

"Hiding In Plain Sight" by Gretchen Deahl of Where Monsters Meet

On the heels of Halloween, images of bats, vampires, witches, ghosts and monsters still linger in my head!  It seems, then, the perfect time to reflect on the powerfully positive, sometimes seemingly magical benefits of sprinkling our lives with imagination, fantasy and whimsy.  Why not “befriend” monsters any time of year?!  You never know what opportunity, benefit or reward might await you! 
When I think of monsters of which I am most fond, my mind quickly settles on those of artist and fellow creative spirit, Gretchen Deahl of Where Monsters Meet.  She brings her many monsters “to life” with personality and character traits (and flaws) and assigns them with protective and beneficial powers.  I was first captivated by Gretchen’s monsters last fall.  I found her artwork to be filled with such amazing attention to detail and to exude a wonderful sense of personality and whimsy.  
While I was very ill last fall and waiting for a diagnosis to be determined was wearing on me, I found simple, yet effective ways to occupy my time and focus my mind on something other than the wait.  One such way was by curating treasuries on Etsy and centering on inspiring, soothing and uplifting themes.  Over a year later, I continue to feel inspired and uplifted whenever I curate a treasury and feel a great sense of fulfillment after featuring the visions and talents of fellow artists and artisans. 
A sampling of my treasury titles last fall included “A Fondness For Fuchsia,” “All The Red Dots I See Look Like Erythrocytes To Me,” “To See The Sea Is Bliss To Me” (one of my reoccurring themes!), “When A Soul Needs Soothing,” “An Eye For Octopi” and…”Once upon a time, in the Forest of Someplace Else” (borrowed from a favorite tattered childhood copy of The Three Bears) which is where one of Gretchen’s monsters made its appearance (there have been other sightings since then!)
Around the same time, not only did I connect with Gretchen’s monsters, I ended up connecting with Gretchen herself and making a new creative friend in the process!  “Befriending” mythical monsters resulted in a real reward!
"Go Deep to Find Your Bliss" by Gretchen Deahl of Where Monsters Meet

Keep believing in fairy tales and monsters…