Friday, November 16, 2012

Press The Pause Button

My Thursday treasure

The best time to press the pause button is when it feels impossible amidst a busy schedule of commitments and responsibilities.  I'm learning that if I prioritize that pause on an equal level with everything else during a hectic stretch and simply set my mind to following through just as I would on my other "to do's," balancing that sense of franticness with calm and centeredness is indeed possible. 

This week I’ve been trying to manage a full work agenda with a string of minimum days at our daughter’s school, and I’m feeling challenged by the limited time available to focus on tasks and projects without interruptions.  The last couple afternoons, I could have easily returned home directly from the bus stop and continued to tackle my "to do's" while our daughter completed her homework.  Instead, we took advantage of the extra time by visiting our favorite place (you may be able to guess from my past posts…the beach, of course!)  and indulging in a bit of relaxation each afternoon before resuming the typical after school routine.  On Wednesday, we were entertained by the exciting activity of otters, seals and a large number of dolphins in the bay, and we spotted a fascinating (seagull’s?) skull on the sand as we walked along Seaside Beach.  Yesterday, we meandered along the shore at Ribera Beach, beachcombing to our hearts’ content.  These midday pauses renewed my energy, and I believe I accomplished more each day than I would have had I not "pressed the button." 

This didn't come home with us, but we were fascinated.  Gull's skull?

Sunday's mysterious find that we admired, then returned to the beach.

Although it’s been a very busy, full week, pausing to indulge in our beach walks (three so far this week!) has been refreshing and rewarding.  We’ve also been rewarded with new additions to our ever expanding shell and sea glass collection!  Yesterday's best find was a pristine sea urchin, one of those "little things" that brings me joy!  

Finding tiny nuggets of perfectly polished sea glass is like finding gold!

Chiton plates remind me of fairy wings!

Ribera Beach in Carmel
I need to remember I'm never too busy to press the pause button for this view!

When you press your own pause button,  where will you go...what will you do?