Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Little Things

“It’s the little things

And the joy they bring.”

-          India.Arie


These days it doesn’t take much to fill me with delight, with gratitude…with joy.  Often it is indeed the little things.  Today I celebrate autumn, its rich, earthy colors, its seasonal beauty and abundance and “harvesting” the little things!

The whoosh of the wind through the trees,
their leaves changing, fluttering, falling

The redbud outside our front window

Crisp, invigorating air

Sunday's sunset during a family beach walk
A golden sunset

The comfort of a cozy scarf
on a chilly day

Donning a pair of boots

Sipping hot tea

A pot of home cooked soup atop the stove

Late harvest tomatoes
(Not a typo!  Our tomato plants apparently don't realize summer's over!)
Enjoyed this bounty in salads & sauces last week

Last fall similar gourds inspired my notecard designs

   Pumpkin pie,
   pumpkin ice cream,
   pumpkin spice latte,
   pumpkin galore!

   Shapely gourds

   A warm spot of sunshine


Discovering a fall treasure trove in the nooks and crannies of our daughter's
backpack - acorn tops, broken twigs, remnants of leaves, wilted flowers  

Our trees bestow us with many of these little gifts

Simply feeling thankful

What little things bring you joy in this fall season?