Saturday, November 17, 2012

What Became Of The Pasta Scoop

The pasta scoop became "The Floating Jellies"
watercolor and construction paper

Before I attend the CHOMP healing art retreat each month, I never know how the day will unfold.  Sometimes the art created that day stirs up some heavy emotions, and in the days following the retreat, I gradually sort through and make better sense of those emotions.  Other times the mood is lighter, and the focus for the day is to simply enjoy the process of making art.  Sometimes I am pleased with the art I create, while other times, my inner critic hovers too closely.  Whether I’m creating art in a heavy or lighter mood and looking at my artwork in a positive light or with a critical eye, I always gain valuable insight and perspective whenever I allow creative energy to flow, regardless of the outcome. 
During one of the lighter, “just for fun” exercises at a past retreat, the directive was to select a gadget and interpret it in three different ways – drawing the gadget in its literal form, creating an abstract version of the gadget as an animal and drawing a freeform version of the gadget, cutting out the image multiple times, then including the cutouts in the third piece.  Similar to my experience creating “The Wisdom of the Penguins,” my initial reaction was one of feeling challenged and thinking “how on earth do I transform a pasta scoop into so-called art?!”  My inner critic reacted by declaring my resulting pieces very juvenile but  despite their juvenile quality, I decided to share these three “just for fun” pieces to illustrate the point that when we tap into our creative energy, we can often achieve more than we may realize we have the ability to achieve (in my case, transforming a pasta scoop!)   

"Pasta Scoop" : )
marker and pastel

"Pasta Scoop" morphed into "Sleepy Anteater" (or "Sleepy Dinosaur?!")
marker and pastel 
I'm actually considering playing around with this one and turning it into one of my notecard designs!
May you scoop up a large serving of creativity and enjoy your resulting accomplishment!