Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dropping A Ball Or Two

At the end of another quiet week here on Paper And Ponder, I must confess that I’ve been feeling like I’ve dropped the ball on blogging.  Last week when I only posted once, it was the first time I had failed to achieve a (self-imposed) goal of posting a minimum of three times per week.  This week I’ve obviously missed the same goal, but rather than feel a sense of failure, I’m trying to view these past couple weeks of minimal activity here on the blog from a different perspective.  After all, is the number of posts per week really that critical in the grand scheme of life?  Of course not.

In my “pre-mompreneur, pre-cancer survivor” life, my typical tendency was to run myself deep into the ground in order to keep juggling all of my to do’s, to avoid dropping any balls, to prove I could always be a Superwoman.  Now I can no longer juggle so adeptly, I am prone to dropping a ball or two, I am definitely not a Superwoman on most days…and I am learning how to be okay with all of the above. 

This holiday season, I dropped one ball on mailing cards and another on mailing packages in a timely manner.  We didn’t decorate our Christmas tree until a couple nights ago, and the balance of decorating remains on this weekend’s agenda.  Despite this “slowly, but surely” approach to the holidays this year, most cards and packages will still arrive at their destinations, perhaps a day or two (or three) after Christmas, but the sentiments attached to them will be no less heartfelt.  Our home will be festive in time for Christmas, so although these balls have dropped, they haven’t fallen all the way down (except for the brand new Yoda ornament which lost an ear when accidentally dropped by my hubbie two nights ago…he kindly retrieved a replacement yesterday!)    

Today on Paper And Ponder, I’m picking up the ball and will continue to write, to share, to express, but with the realization that there will be weeks ahead when I may not be able to manage three posts.  When the ball drops again, it will be because there are plenty of other balls I’m keeping up in the air, and the one I’ve let go will rejoin them soon.  
During these past couple weeks, some of the other balls I’ve kept in the air:
* Achieving one of my goals to translate some of my notecard designs into simple little works of art and introducing a few frame-able collage pieces on mat board

* Participating in last weekend’s local Artists Equity’s holiday gallery which was, admittedly, disappointing in sales, but extremely uplifting in experience (connected with some wonderful fellow artists…will share more soon)

* Participating in The World Needs More Love Letter’s “12 Days of Love Letter Writing” by writing and contributing letters to twelve people in need of some love

* Directing love, compassion and hope for healing toward the community of Newtown…my heart has been heavy

* Agreeing to an extra day of volunteering in our daughter’s classroom to assist the students with decorating ornaments to bring home to their families

* Delivering a few local gifts (handmade with love) in person along with hearty hugs
* Going to bed at a reasonable hour (after recently admitting to my physician that I hadn’t been clocking enough hours of sleep…yes, still learning how to be better about self-care)

* Continuing on my quest to ease up, slow down, avoid overdoing and accept a dropped ball or two