Friday, December 7, 2012

In A Serener Bright

In a serener Bright,

In a more golden light

I see

Each little doubt and fear,

Each little discord here


-         Emily Dickinson


Yesterday I found out that the monthly healing art retreat I regularly attend was shifted from next Friday to today.  Despite a full list of other to do’s, I decided the most important “to do” today was to go ahead and attend the retreat.  As I have shared in previous posts, these retreats have had a tremendously powerful impact on my healing journey.

Today’s directive was to collage on both sides of a torso form, one side representing our illness (or personal challenge) and the other side representing healing.  Prior to starting on today’s project, each member of our group was asked to voice the first image that came to mind to describe ourselves.  Mine was a “sunflower turning its face toward the warmth of the sun.”  It seemed serendipitous that as I tore images out of magazines for my collage, I came across the above words by Emily Dickinson.  I found a home for those words in the center of the healing side of my collage.  I haven't named this piece yet, but I thought I would share this "to do" I completed today!

Wishing you “a serener Bright, a more golden light”…