Saturday, December 8, 2012

Out Of Season Gratitude In The Garden

As I entered our vegetable garden to pick a handful of fresh Italian parsley (to toss in with this evening’s dinner of turkey meatballs in blue cheese sauce…mmm!), I was pleasantly surprised to see most of the greens, after a recent rainstorm, looking healthy and robust.  As winter nears, there isn’t much time to spend tending to the garden, and it typically looks dormant except for a few low maintenance greens like lettuce, kale and Swiss chard.  I was also surprised to see new blossoms and more peppers on our stalwart bell pepper plant (which just last week provided a fresh pepper for our Sloppy Joes!) and even a new blossom on a lingering zucchini plant.  I found myself smiling while thinking here it is in December, and I’m noticing fresh new blossoms on old summer plants and still harvesting a few (extremely late!) tomatoes.  It was refreshing to experience an unexpected moment of "out of season" gratitude in the garden this afternoon!
This zucchini plant doesn't realize it's December!
This little bell pepper plant is a big producer!
I see many salads in our future...
Romaine seedlings are happy!

Happy chard, too!
Did gratitude sneak up on you unexpectedly today?  Hope so!