Thursday, December 13, 2012

When To Do's Become Not To Do's

I’ve come to the conclusion that sometimes the best “to do” is “not to do!”  As I’ve admitted before, my tendency is to over commit, over plan and overdo.  Combine this tendency with one of the busiest times of the year (for most of us!), and I presently find myself feeling overwhelmed by and barely keeping up with my to do list. 

New for this weekend, collage on mat board
I’ve been consumed with a few large custom orders and preparing for a local holiday gallery this weekend, determined to create several new pieces for this event. Allowing sufficient time to prepare and create has been challenging with so many other commitments to juggle.  To stay afloat, several of this week’s “to do’s” have become “not to do’s,” at least until next week.  Our house is messy, our Christmas tree has been procured, but remains unadorned, Christmas cards have yet to be written and gifts for out of town friends are yet to be mailed, and as difficult as it is to leave them undone for now, I’m realizing it’s the best decision in order to maintain a reasonable level of sanity and maximize this weekend’s success while minimizing stress and exhaustion. 

If you’re experiencing that “crazy busy” feeling that often comes along with the holiday season, is there something on your own to do list that you can choose not to do for now and reschedule?