Friday, January 18, 2013

A Fascination With Ocean Oddities

I guessed it as a seagull's skull in a previous post, but it seems too large...perhaps a pelican?
Our daughter & I admired it, but the beach kept it for others to discover.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the ocean is magnetic to me.  As I've often shared, I’m drawn to its beauty, its wonders, its treasures and its power to calm, center and heal me.  I'm even fascinated by its oddities and mysteries!  Over the years, our family has collected the usual suspects of pretty shells and their fragments, frosty sea glass, smooth pottery shards and polished stones. Increasingly in recent months, we’ve been noticing some of the ocean’s more unusual castoffs that have washed up on the shore.  Sometimes I’ve captured them in a photograph and just let them be, while on other occasions, we’ve added a few of these quirky specimens to our beachcombing collection.

Apparently, barnacles can make themselves at home anywhere!

Those barnacles on the can bottom didn't come home, but these Volcano Barnacles did...
yes, as strange as it may seem, I sometimes find beauty in barnacles!

This one's a mystery to me, but could it perhaps be part of a barnacle?


My first Leaf exciting addition to my collection!

Scaled Worm Shells

Can anyone help identify these finds? 
They remind me of tusks, & there's such a thing as tusk shells, but I don't think they're found in our area.

Are you ever fascinated by the intriguing, mysterious qualities of nature’s oddities?  How have they captivated you with their unexpected allure? 

Shared this photo before, but had to include it again when writing about ocean oddities!
The best guess after posting this curious find on my Facebook page 
was possibly a shark egg case? 
The beach kept this one, too, although I later wished we had held on to it.