Thursday, January 10, 2013

Feeling Resolute

"Mirror image" of sky and sea on Christmas Day, Seaside Beach, CA

After a quiet spell here on Paper And Ponder (during which I was busy working on my Plumeria Papercraft business, celebrating the holiday season with family and friends, spending time with my husband and our daughter and enjoying winter beauty in Yosemite National Park), I’ve finally returned, ready to resume pondering, expressing, sharing and hopefully, resonating and connecting with you in the process.

Here we are in the second week of the new year, and surely, many of you have already contemplated or committed to some resolutions for 2013.  Admittedly, I’ve often struggled with resolutions, setting the bar too high and setting myself up for probable failure.  I’ve also struggled with the notion of suddenly beginning anew on January 1 whether it’s an opportune time or not.  Perhaps a better approach would be to establish a resolution when the timing is more conducive to actually following through and to spread resolutions out across the year instead of compiling them all at once, creating an insurmountable challenge?
As we head into each new year, our past baggage always comes along with us, packed with both desirable and not so desirable contents.  Resolutions can help us focus on expanding those desirable contents while discarding those that are undesirable or no longer useful or meaningful in our lives.

As I contemplate my (yet to be put on paper!) resolutions for this new year, I'm definitely feeling resolute about one thing…to stay the course on my current path.  Although the future is uncertain, I have never before in my life felt more certain about heading in a direction that’s truly right for me.  Despite the inevitable twists and turns, nagging concerns about finances and often feeling like that “little train” slowly, but surely chugging up a hill, I’m excited to be following my heart and my passion, my spirit is coming alive, I feel empowered to keep changing and improving, and I’m discovering precious moments of fulfillment and inner peace in living my life more creatively and authentically. 
I hope this new year has greeted you with much love, happiness, peace and fulfillment, and as 2013 unfolds, may you set out toward or stay the course on a path that’s right for you!