Friday, January 11, 2013

Making My Peace

Winter view of Half Dome

Last summer my husband was starting to plan a family vacation in Yosemite almost exactly one year after our last visit there during which unsettling hints began to drop of what was to come with my health soon after that trip.  Needless to say, I developed an uncomfortable association with what should otherwise be a place to which I am drawn with its magnificent natural wonders.  My emotions were still too fresh to return to the place “where it all began” at that same, familiar time of year.  Although I am now healthy, there was an underlying sense of dread, of wanting to avoid a similar experience.
During the recent winter break from school, Yosemite came up again as an option for a family trip to the snow.  This time, in a different season that would present a different experience, I felt ready to make my peace with this majestic national park.  Although I admittedly felt a little uneasy, I staved off any major inner turmoil during my first return visit by focusing on admiring and being inspired by Yosemite’s more peaceful, quieter winter beauty (without the crowds!), feeling uplifted by our daughter’s beaming smile, carefree laughter and pure joy as she played in the snow and being amused by all the charming snow creatures we discovered throughout the park.

This kitty was one of our favorite snow creatures

Making my peace with such a peaceful (in wintertime at least!), beautiful place has advanced me along my healing journey. 
May nature’s beauty offer you peace, joy and inspiration!  (Centering and healing, too, when needed.)


A frosty "blossom" in the misty meadow