Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Works In Progress

10 years ago...

I came across my New Year’s resolution list from 2003 and noticed how every item on that list is just as relevant today as it was 10 years ago despite major differences in the dynamics of my life then vs. now.  As 2003 began, I was a corporate employee with a crazy busy lifestyle, I hadn’t yet become a mother and I was starting to hear the faint call of a simpler, more mindful life.  10 years later and two weeks into another New Year, life has changed dramatically in some ways while in other ways the shifts have been subtle.  Certainly more mindful and continuing to strive for simplicity, I am living my “work in progress” life.
As I reviewed this 10-year old list, I thought about how sometimes even though I’ve made inroads on some of my resolutions, they often get carried over into subsequent years with intentions to extend those inroads.  (Of course, there are those resolutions that fall by the wayside and land back on a later list!)  While life is inevitably a work in progress, so are our resolutions.

Looking back at 2003’s list, I recall that I tackled most of those resolutions on a small scale although I felt like I failed to make much of a difference back then, and my visits to the beach were infrequent.  My biggest success that year was yoga practice.  Despite an insanely hectic work schedule at the time, I managed to attend yoga classes regularly, and the routine kept me centered when life seemed like it was whirling out of control.

Fast forward to 2013, and more than ever, love, friendship and creativity are at the forefront in my life.  As you probably noticed if you’ve been following Paper and Ponder for a while, I’m now a frequent beach visitor…ahhh!  I finally have time (and make time) to learn new things – checking out books from the library and reading up on a variety of topics, attending classes and experimenting creatively.  I also feel as though I’m finally making some small
differences - volunteering in our daughter’s 2nd grade classroom and as a 3rd grade art docent, volunteering as a guest speaker at the local community college, participating in the More Love Letters campaign and sharing my healing art experiences.

For reasons I haven't yet been able to pinpoint (except for the fact that my beloved instructor moved away from our area), I’ve strayed from yoga practice for the past couple years despite realizing how beneficial it is for both body and soul.  Yoga is definitely making a comeback appearance on my 2013 resolutions list!

Have you had any carryover or comeback resolutions?  Would you like to share some of yours?