Monday, February 18, 2013

Living Life In Colors

"I Am Living Life In All Its Colors," acrylic, glitter glue, seed beads

During the first half of Friday’s healing art retreat, I was feeling somewhat stuck in my creative process.  When asked to voice a one word intention for the day, mine was “refuel.”  Since my “tank” was on the empty side that morning, it took a while to start warming up and feeling refueled.

We were given words, “Because…,” “I am…,” and “If…,” and prompted to write whatever prose or poetry immediately came to mind.  The directive was to then create an art piece based on some of our prose or poetry.  Feeling stuck like I did, this project unfolded slowly for me.  Without much purpose at first, I began painting rows of different colors.  As I selected some colors and mixed others into new shades, I attached emotions and feelings to each color.  As I topped the rows of color with a row of hearts, I thought about the power of love, and as I spread gold glitter glue across the entire canvas, I was thinking about glimmers of light, of brightness and how one’s spirit can sparkle.

Honestly, I wasn’t pleased with the initial result which felt lacking and unfinished.  Once home, this piece nagged at me until I settled upon what I could do to “save” it and silence my inner critic who was itching to discard it.  As Mary, the RN and MFT who leads our group, always reminds us, the pieces we create are like a visual journal, and she encourages us to hold on to them for further contemplation.  As I got into the groove of adding the seed beads, the words to accompany this piece finally came to me…

I am living life in all its colors

From dark to bright

Shadow into light  

Colors of pain, fatigue, peace, calm, optimism, growth, passion, inspiration, creativity, hope, groundedness, and of course, love.  
Although this is not one of my favorite works (by any stretch!), I'm still sharing anyway, remaining true to my "more about insight, less about aesthetic"post a while back. 

Love and the light of our spirit illuminates life in all its shades and colors...