Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pain Relievers

"A Spirit Refueled Can Sway More Easily With Life"
Acrylic print and acrylic print recycled/collaged into sea life

Encountering both physical and emotional pain in the past couple weeks, my mind has rested on the welcome topic of "pain relief."  What soothes our soul can often soothe us physically in the process.  I found this to be true several times across the last two weeks.


*          Assembling two new SoulCollage® cards during my recent maintenance chemo treatment calmed both mind and body (will share these cards in upcoming posts)


*          Conducting a love themed papercraft workshop last weekend and focusing on providing inspiration to others ended up providing me with a respite from physical and emotional aches


*          Tackling weeds in our vegetable garden, the combination of being physically active and productive while also soaking up sunshine and fresh air, was therapeutic for both our daughter and myself   


*          Enjoying a moment of quiet stillness indoors while captivated by the (not so quiet, not so still!) activity outdoors as feathered visitors flocked to our blossoming almond tree - a variety of finches and sparrows, dark-eyed juncos, a chestnut-backed chickadee, California towhees, mourning doves - was a gentle way to begin the day  


*          Designing a heartfelt notecard for a loved one with the focused intention of lifting her spirit lifted my own spirit


*          Attending an elementary school assembly about “caring” led by the 2nd grade classes (including our daughter’s) was heartwarming  


*          Participating in yesterday’s healing art retreat refueled my spirit, my voiced intention for the day, and took the edge off of an intense headache...the group was kindly receptive to me returning in the afternoon with our daughter after an early pick-up at the bus stop due to a minimum school day (any age can benefit from the healing effects of process art)

Sharing some of my pieces from yesterday and with her permission,
one of our daughter's pieces, too

Jellyfish close-up
"A Spirit Refueled Can Bloom"
Acrylic print and acrylic print recycled/collaged into flower

"A Spirit Refueled Can Grow"
Acrylic print recycled/collaged into leafy vine 
"Paths And Experiences" by Melia
Acrylic print with pastel
A few doses of “pain relievers” self-prescribed for this weekend…

more “dirty hands, content heart” time in the garden,
creative time with our daughter and a sewing project on her wish list
and time for walks along the beach, a favorite balm for mind, body and spirit.

What natural "pain relief" is most effective for you when in need of support for your mind and body?