Thursday, February 21, 2013


(I removed the photo of my card originally included when I wrote this post.  Although the card is from my personal deck and isn't copied or for sale, I do not wish to infringe upon the copyrights of others' images which were respectfully collaged on my card.  My original writing remains as I believe the information and insight I've shared in this post may still be of interest to you.  I hope to share future cards created with my own photos soon.) 
I passed the time during my maintenance chemo treatment earlier this month by working on a couple new SoulCollage® cards.  As I’ve shared in previous posts, passing the time creatively during my infusions is calming and soothing to both body (has proven to lower my blood pressure!) and soul.

I titled this first card “Transformation” with its combined images of a serene woman wearing a fuchsia (my favorite color) and aqua robe, the lush green taro fields of Hanalei on the island of Kauai (Hanalei Bay is a favorite visualization for my healing place) and the brilliant blue morpho butterflies (with the fitting symbolism of their metamorphosis.)  When the collage seemed still unfinished, I added magenta calla lilies, without realizing until researching their symbolism that this shapely, beautiful flower often represents rebirth.

A powerful part of the SoulCollage® process is to practice the exercise of stepping into the energy, mood and intention of each card and giving each card a voice by stating “I am the one who…” and allowing the words to flow.  When creating cards at a couple of last year’s healing art retreats, we practiced this exercise by speaking and sharing the words within our group.  When alone, you can write in a journal (or in my case, I’m writing and sharing here on my blog.)

I am the one who is…

   exploring new pathways,

   discovering possibilities,

   healing body and soul,

   growing stronger,

   blooming creatively

and slowly, gradually
transforming my life.


Each of us holds the power to transform…what metamorphosis is occurring in your life?

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