Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What Isn't Lost

Finding comfort in the simple grace of nature


With this blog, I made a commitment to myself, family and friends that I would do my best to balance between what I share and what remains private, while maintaining authenticity and openness in expressing my own thoughts and experiences.  I hope I am fulfilling this commitment, conveying enough, yet protecting enough for those in my personal life.  I hope I can continue to fulfill yet another commitment I made with this blog to offer encouraging, uplifting, helpful words even when writing in times of sadness, fear, disappointment or stress.

Today I write with a heavy heart, deeply saddened by the death of a loved one over the weekend.  Unable to sleep early Sunday morning, thoughts and memories tumbled haphazardly out of my mind.  For a few moments, my focus landed on one particular train of thought…what isn’t lost when we lose someone dear to us.  Although we lose their physical presence, what remains with us is…

Our blossoming almond tree

their spiritual presence,

fond memories and experiences we shared with them,

what they have taught us,

our enduring love for them

and their love for us. 

We can find solace and strength in what remains and endures, especially love.