Tuesday, February 19, 2013

When Inspiration Glimmers

A few weeks ago, when I wrote about “The Glimmer Of A Silver Lining,” I shared a photo of ripples in the sand that caught my eye during an impromptu beach walk with our daughter.  On Super Bowl Sunday, while my husband and a couple friends watched the game, our daughter and I sat nearby at the dining table, remaining social while working on our respective creative projects…she, making festive paper headbands for the guys to wear, and me, making time, despite the boisterous atmosphere of game day, to calmly focus my attention on an idea for a mixed media collage piece inspired by those sandy ripples at the beach.  I’m not much of (make that not really at all!) a sports fan, so in hindsight, choosing to act upon my creative impulse rather than halfheartedly watch the game ended up as another “silver lining” of sorts, unexpected time to tap into the flow of creativity.  Inspiration can glimmer at the unlikeliest of times!

"Ripples Of Inspiration"
Photograph, handmade papers, mulberry paper, beach sand, beads