Sunday, March 3, 2013

Making Time

I’m gradually learning how to make time for personal priorities during what often seems like the most inconvenient times.  I’ve taken a few steps forward and a step or two backward, then a few more steps forward, and across the past couple years, have made some progress in managing to do’s, responsibilities and commitments rather than allowing them to manage me as was the case too frequently in the past.

Not quite finished yet,
but making more time
later this month!
The finished tote
I gave my mom
for her birthday
Last week (and most of February, actually) involved many challenging situations.  On Thursday, I could have easily postponed my original plan in order to free up time for tackling more pressing to do’s, but I remained steadfast.  I had scheduled a couple hours of personal project time at Bella’s Studio to resume creating mini tote bags with fabrics purchased several years ago (that had been stored and neglected in the far reaches of my arts and crafts closet.)  I’m not adept or confident with a sewing machine, but in my quest to challenge myself creatively, I refreshed novice sewing skills from my youth with a class at Bella’s a couple years ago (during which I accomplished sewing a full-size tote bag for my mom’s birthday!)  Last fall, I purchased a studio punch card, so I could work on simple projects and try to improve my skills with continued practice.  I had taken the above-mentioned step or two backward by starting my latest project in September and failing to return to it for five months!  Indulging in those two hours refueled my creative spirit on the last day of what had been a creatively “dry” month due to all the circumstances that had occurred in February.

Making time has been an ongoing mission often shared here on my blog…making time for better self-care, for self-growth, to travel further along my healing art journey, for taking beach walks, for quality time with friends and family, to learn new subjects and skills, to broaden my creative horizons, to make a more meaningful contribution to our world.  Each step moves me forward on this mission, including Thursday’s baby step of working on my little totes!

By continuing to share my pursuit of this mission, I hope I can encourage you to make time of your own for what’s most important to you.