Friday, March 22, 2013

Scents To Please The Senses

So, now I’m picking up where I left off a couple posts ago, sharing some of my recent listings of favorites inspired by the senses, mentally compiled when employing a “calm the mind with pleasant thoughts, so I can drift off” approach to falling asleep. 

Are you sensitive to smells?  I am…to a fault.  On the one hand, there are specific scents I cannot tolerate.  I’m repulsed by the smell and taste of bananas to the point that family and friends who know me well are considerate not to serve them when I’m around, and I am very grateful!  Unfortunately, there have been those situations where I've been stuck in an uncontrollable environment, miserable and barely able to breathe.  Imagine my dismay when someone nearby has peeled a banana in the enclosed space of a bus or airplane!  At least, on a bus I could excuse myself and move to another seat if available (yes, I did just that back in my twenties when I was commuting from Marin County into San Francisco each morning.)  On a plane?  I’m usually out of luck!  Thanks to our daughter, I began to find the smell of beer repulsive during my pregnancy, and eight years later, I still haven’t regained my original liking for this beverage (to the chagrin of my husband who must constantly move his pint glass to the farthest point away from me on the dining table!) 

On the other hand, an attractive scent can lift my spirit, improve my mood or offer relaxation in an instant.  I’m most drawn to natural, fresh scents.  On my recent favorite scents list…

Orange – fresh peeled wedges, its essence in soaps and moisturizers

Lavender – fresh buds, dried sachets, its essence also in soaps and moisturizers when its scent is very fresh and bright (strangely, sometimes lavender in products can take on a note that sends it on to my “cannot tolerate” list…can’t pinpoint why?)

Chai tea – its spicy scent wafting upward from a hot beverage or mixed into (notice a common thread?) soaps and moisturizers

Freshly ground coffee (especially when it’s from our local Acme Coffee!) on a weekend morning

A Christmas fir tree

The hint of butterscotch in the bark of a Jeffrey pine

A similar hint of butterscotch-y sweetness emanating from the top of our daughter’s head when she was a newborn!

The spicy and sweet fragrances of ginger and guava while hiking in Hawaii

Sea air (which, during my former career, I used to notice very distinctly each time I returned home from a business trip, stepped outside of the “puddle jumper” on to our small local airport’s tarmac and took a deep breath of moist, salty air)

As you breathe in scents, which ones please your senses?