Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sights And Sites

One of Big Sur's many beautiful vistas
Earlier this week, I fulfilled one of my favorite commitments, visiting the 3rd grade classes for whom I am the “Picture of the Month” art docent.  I was thrilled that this month’s featured artist was Pablo Picasso, one of my favorite artists!  In preparation for this month’s lessons, I consulted some of our books here at home which brought back exciting memories of two major Picasso exhibits I was fortunate to have seen, "Picasso and Portraiture" at the Museum of Modern Art in New York numerous years ago and "Masterpieces from the Musee National Picasso, Paris" at the de Young Museum in San Francisco just a couple years ago.
With my recent attention on lists inspired by the senses, it seemed fitting (after thinking about these visual “feasts” in which I've indulged when visiting art museums) to create this next list focused on sight, including not only the visual arts, but also, performing arts, natural wonders, landscapes and vistas.

I’m continuing to share these lists for each of the senses in the hope that as you read mine, you might feel inclined to create some pleasurable lists of your own.  Creating these lists of positive associations is a simple, fun, rewarding exercise that can send us on an enjoyable trip down memory lane, elevate our mood and provide a diversion from stressful or unpleasant thoughts. 
Some of my most favorite visual experiences…

As you already know, becoming absorbed in art museums
Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park
Being captivated by stage performances – music, dance, theater (I’m particularly fond of musicals!)

Strolling through a redwood or sequoia forest and communing with these amazing “giants”

Wildflower hikes
At the beach or coastline, gazing out across the sea (especially in Big Sur)

Becoming mesmerized by sea life at our local Monterey Bay Aquarium (the octopi, jellyfish and mola mola are my favorites)

And some of my fondest memories of past travels…

A brief parting of the foggy curtain revealed
one of Kauai's impressive views 

Indulging in a helicopter’s view of nature’s magical forces on the island of Kauai (and many incredible views from the ground, too)
Witnessing nature’s powerful forces on the Big Island of Hawaii at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park where lava flows into the ocean

Being enthralled and entertained by wildlife - capuchin and squirrel monkeys, sloths and coatis - while hiking through the tropical forest at Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica
Driving through the idyllic Charlevoix countryside in Quebec during our honeymoon nearly 21 years ago (I dream of returning there someday, but in my dream, the mosquitoes have vanished!  Notice Charlevoix is on my “sight” list, but not on my “touch” list…ha ha!)

What favorite sights (and sites!) would you like to share?