Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Is Blossoming

Melia's red bud tree and its first buds of this spring season
After acknowledging my last post as the 100th here on Paper And Ponder, I had planned to return to my prior train of thought on appreciating each of the senses, picking up where I had left off after writing about touch and taste.  Before returning to the remaining senses, however, I’m meandering along a little seasonal “spur” of this blog “trail.” 

Yesterday, our daughter made the perfect spring equinox observation as we were headed out the door on our way to school.  She commented on the beauty of the sweet pink buds that had appeared, seemingly overnight, on the red bud tree outside our living room window (she has referred to this tree as “her tree” since she was a toddler!) as well as the beauty of dew drops also decorating the branches.  I admire how our daughter often notices the simple beauty around us.  She is frequently bringing us a blossom or bouquet of blossoms she plucks from our garden.  She sees beauty in any blossom, whether it’s intentionally planted to landscape our garden or it’s merely a stalwart “volunteer” or hardy weed (like the abundant clover currently overtaking parts of the yard!)  This week's floral arrangement on our dining table was composed of bright poppies and cheerful feverfew blossoms!

I found myself thinking about yesterday’s observations this afternoon, and it crossed my mind, as it has periodically ever since she was born, how much our daughter has taught me and reminded me about appreciating the little things, the subtle things, about slowing down and enjoying a pretty blossom or the unexpected beauty in a lowly weed, about becoming immersed in wonderfully simple moments.  With this in mind, I took a brief break in the middle of this afternoon, enjoying some fresh air and sunshine, walking around our yard, intentionally focusing less on its unkempt post-winter state and more on colorful spots of spring beauty.  I realized I should take this type of break more often as it helps me cultivate a more mindful, positive perspective, quiets the sometimes loud “chatter” in my brain and even inspires creative ideas – colors, shapes, textures.

May you enjoy spring beauty as it begins to make its welcome appearance amidst your surroundings!