Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Little Card, A Lot Of Positivity

As briefly mentioned in yesterday's post, last night I was invited to return to our local university, California State University Monterey Bay, to join the nursing class during one of their healing art sessions.  My heart was touched by these students when they so graciously listened to my presentation back in February about my own healing art journey.  I was  honored to be a part of last night's class and to create art in their company.

I felt compelled to bring each of the students a little handmade gift as a thank you for their kindness, compassion and attentiveness.  With 30 students in the class, I wasn't sure what would be feasible for me to create in a limited amount of time as my schedule didn't permit me to sit down and start bringing my idea to fruition until yesterday morning.  I decided to create mini collage cards and chose the dimensions of a typical ATC (artist's trading card), 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches.  After collaging each card, I assigned a single word that was conjured up by each card - a wish, a mantra, an aspiration.  As I created these simple little cards, I focused on infusing them with gratitude, loving energy and positive intentions for each of the students, and in the process, this project infused me with even more energy and positivity!  I welcomed the students to select a card that "spoke" to them.  A few students shared which one they chose, and I enjoyed seeing which card ended up connecting with which person.

The opportunities to share my healing art experiences and to experience the healing art process with this class have left a deeply meaningful, lasting impression on me, and I feel fortunate to have met these future nurses and spent this time with them.  I am grateful, beyond words, to the students (wishing them all the best along their career paths and personal journeys) and to Mary, the co-instructor for this class, my healing art mentor and treasured friend, for the gift of inviting me to be a small part of this very special program.

By sharing these little cards, may you pick up on some positivity, too!