Friday, April 5, 2013

Audibly Alluring

I may appear to be slacking here in blog land, but when other creative projects, responsibilities, activities and events in the real world fill the entire “front row,” I’m still learning how to accept that writing these posts must sometimes take a back seat in order to maintain some semblance of balance and ensure a reasonable amount of sleep (no more late night writing, then feeling sluggish the next day.)  Celebrating Easter, enjoying a family hike, attending the fifth in a seven-class “Live Longer, Live Stronger” course for cancer survivors (which has been very informative and helpful), working on new squirrel notecard sets for American Crafts & Jewels in Carmel (I’ve enjoyed a burst of creative energy in conceiving new personalities for my squirrel design), volunteering in our daughter’s classroom, catching up with one of my dearest friends as we walked along the beach, feeling inspired to create 31 mini collage cards as little gifts for the nursing students at CSU Monterey Bay (where I returned last night, accepting an invitation to join one of their healing art classes…more on last night in my next post), prioritizing more time this week, in general, for papercrafting…these are just some of this past week’s “front row” fillers.  Hopefully, in the weeks ahead, writing here on Paper And Ponder can move forward, too, but in reality, I’m sure it will keep moving back and forth.

So, f-i-n-a-l-l-y, I’m reaching the fifth and final post in my series about the senses and compiling pleasing mental lists of favorites as an exercise for drifting off to sleep in a positive frame of mind.  Sharing a few favorite sounds and aural memories and hoping you'll feel inspired to come up with your own list…

*          The ocean (no surprise!)

*          The whoosh of the wind blowing through groves of ironwood trees and the clickety clack of bamboo swaying in the wind (while hiking in Hawaii on past vacations)
*          Background music ceased during a power outage in the midst of a massage and was replaced by the soothing rhythm of raindrops falling on dense jungle foliage (during a favorite vacation in Costa Rica many years ago)

*          Nature’s other forms of music – singing birds, chirping crickets, croaking frogs (in moderation, though…one summer several years ago, our neighbor’s pond was teeming with frogs, and their relentless “symphony” emanated through our house, even with the windows closed, nearly driving us mad!)

*          Music – I could write whole posts about music…I love an eclectic mix of genres and artists and enjoy live and recorded music.  (I’m married to a music teacher, too!) 
A sampling of often played CD's (sorry for the glare!)

*          Musicals – I am a huge sucker for musicals and love them both on stage and in film.

*          A cat’s resonant purr (Franki’s purr was barely audible when he was younger, but has become louder as he’s grown older; meanwhile, our old cat Lucy, who passed away 7 ½ years ago, could project her purr clear across the room!)
*          Our daughter's carefree laughter and when she sings with happy abandon

*          Hearing the words “I love you!”   
What do you find audibly alluring?